Reindeer hide waterproof

Reindeer hide waterproof

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These hides come from Scandinavian reindeer that have grazed freely in the arctic tundra of Lapland.

Since ancient times, the indigenous Sami people who herd the reindeer have been using every part of the animal for food, tools, clothing, storage bags and even hut building. Today, pelts are essentially a by-product of producing meat.

This is a first class reindeer hide that has been coated for added water resistance. It can be used when camping, in a tent or hammock as well as just on a bench or chair in the garden. However be mindful that the secret of the warmth of reindeer hides is also their weakness - each hair is filled with what can be described as small air bubbles creating amazing insulation, however also making the hair sensitive to breakage. Because of this it is not recommended to walk on reindeer hides and to avoid intensive use. It is also recommended that you avoid leaving the hides in humid conditions for long. After using it outdoors, or when stored, it should be allowed to dry and preferably be rolled out with the hair down. This allows air to reach all parts of the hide and helps to prevent shedding.

The colouring can vary from almost white to darkish brown.

DIMENSIONS: Approx 100-120cm Length, 80-100cm Width

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