No.11 Field Saw

No.11 Field Saw

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The new, improved Casström No.11 Field Saw will be the only saw you need on the hillside. Popular with deerstalkers the world over, this is an item you will be grateful to have in your hunting kit.

The No.11 Field Saw opens the chest cage, and pelvic bone on larger game, both safely and quickly, without puncturing the gut or causing other, unintended damage. It can even be used as a saw to clear the odd branch or bush that may be in the way.

• New, improved full-tang construction
• Tapered blade thickness behind the teeth avoids getting stuck
• Easy to clean and hygienic to use
• Simple to change the blade when needed
• High-quality stainless steel blade
• Impact-resistant and weatherproof G10 laminated glass fibre
• Bright orange handle makes the saw easy to see when you put it down

To change the blade, simply unscrew the three security bolts, separate the two handle scales and replace the blade.