Casstrom Fine Knives, Torches and Outdoor accessories

Casstrom is a producer and wholesale distributor of fine knives, flashlights and a wide range of other top quality products for the shooting, fishing and outdoor market in the UK and Scandinavia. We can supply you with our own great Swedish Knives as well as some fantastic products from EnZo, EKA, Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpeners, Karesuando knives, Joker, Z-aim, Hultafors, Wilmas Natural products, Mikael Tham, Wood Jewel, Dianova, Keros and Feuerhand.
We offer a wide selection of fixed blade knives, folding knives, hand forged axes, reindeer leather products, diamond sharpeners, traditional remedies from Lapland, fire striker steels, outdoor cooking and eating appliances, fileting knives, gun slings, leather goods, knife making materials, gifts and other accessories for hunting and outdoor pursuits.
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The finest quality Scandinavian cutting blades

All our leather goods are of the highest quality

Kuksa cups, Firestriker steels and Fishing priests